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Cranford Construction

Cranford Construction has been a leading provider of asphalt and paving services since 1965. Today, the Cranford Construction team operates five hot mix plants and maintains crews throughout central and southwestern Arkansas. A commitment to the highest standards in both materials and processing ensures consistent quality for our hot mix and warm mix asphalt. We also offer recycled asphalt, as well as milling and paving services. Contact Cranford Construction today and see what our team can do for you.


At Cranford Construction we’re committed to the health and safety of our team members and their families, our clients and our communities. Currently all operations and facilities remain open as we actively monitor CDC reports on COVID-19 as well as follow recommended precautions. As always, safety remains our top priority.

Helpful Information:
  1. COVID19 Stop the Spread of Germs (PDF | click to view)
  2. COVID19 Stop the Spread of Germs Español (PDF | click to view)
  3. COVID19 Symptoms (PDF | click to view)
  4. COVID19 Symptoms Español (PDF | click to view)
  7. Coronavirus Infographic (PDF | click to view)
  8. Coronavirus Infographic Español (PDF | click to view)
  9. COVID19 Customer & Vendor Precautions  (PDF | click to view)
  10. COVID19 Customer & Hauler Information  (PDF | click to view)
Employee Resources:
  1. COVID19 Prevention (PDF | click to view)
  2. COVID19 Prevention Español (PDF | click to view)
  3. COVID19 Feeling Sick? (PDF | click to view)
  4. COVID19 Feeling Sick? Español (PDF | click to view)
  5. TeleMedicine/MDLIVE (PDF | click to view)
  6. Team Member Guidance COVID19 (PDF | click to view)
  7. EAP COVID19 Support (PDF | click to view)
  8. EAP COVID19 Support Español (PDF | click to view)
  9. EAP Coping with COVID19 (PDF | click to view)
  10. EAP Coping with COVID19 Español (PDF | click to view)


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